5 beauty secrets of the rich and famous


Have you ever looked at a celebrity and wondered just how they can look flawless (almost!) every day, even when they are out walking the dog? Just for you, we have uncovered their secrets, and you’ll be surprised at what they have up their sleeves to achieve their lusted after look.

Fake lashes
If you have ever coveted after celebs’ long, luscious lashes, you may feel a little better to learn they are not actually natural – yes, the truth behind those perfect peepers are falsies! *breathe a sigh of relief*

Brow pencil
Thins brows? No problem! Just do what the famous people do – fill them in. An eyebrow pencil or powder can do wonders for your face shape.

Dewy make-up
Doesn’t it seem like every time a movie star hits the red carpet they are flaunting beautiful, dewy skin? The secret to their look is creamy foundation – yes, it’s that easy!

Blonde hair
Ever wondered why so many celebs opt for the blonde look? And no, before you say it, it has nothing to do with blondes having more fun. Adding a few highlights to naturally dark hair can make your skin look less washed out.

They don’t go overboard with the under eye concealer – we’ve all seen what happens when they do.

eva_longaria Poor Eva Longoria – she still looks amazing though!