4 quick tips for avoiding beauty dilemmas before a night out


Getting ready for a night out can result in panic and stress if things start going wrong. Here are four common night out dilemmas and how to resolve them without any hassle.

Achieving model pins: Shave your legs the night before tanning
If you don’t want sore legs with all those little irritating red dots, shave the night before. This gives your legs a chance to recover overnight instead of immediately overwhelming your pores with tan after you have only just shaved. 

If you have a spot: Don’t squeeze it
As red as it looks now, it will look eight times worse if you start picking at it and make-up will not cover it. Unless it has turned into a white head and you really need to get rid of it, don't touch it. Sudocrem tends to help many people with bringing down the redness of their spots so you could try leaving this on the spot all day before getting ready to go out. 

False face problems: Don't panic if your foundation won’t stay on
This can happen sometimes, but the causes vary from person to person. First, relax, then breathe. Try taking it off and apply a layer of powder to your skin before applying your foundation again. If you put on moisturiser just before it, that could have been acting as a barrier and prevented your foundation from staying on. Perhaps try giving the moisturiser time to settle into your skin before applying your make-up. 

How to avoid an emotional breakdown about your hair: Wash it the day before
Really fresh hair can be quite difficult to work with sometimes. If you’re looking to style your hair in a way that’s not simply blow-dried straight, we would recommend washing it the day before. Otherwise, it can be tricky to make it stay in position, unless you put in some mousse.