4 problems only single women will understand


Being single can be awesome but like anything, there can be downsides.

Phone dies
Nothing can be more awkward for a single gal, than eating alone in public. This problem is only made worse when your mobile phone suddenly decides to die. What can you do but eat your meal in silence and just stare into space, hoping at the same time, that no one is staring at you.

First dates
You’ve gotten to the stage where you would nearly rather stay in than go on another dreaded first date. It’s nothing like the movies and there are no jokes about splitting the bill.

Be less picky
A common phrase uttered by our loved ones, but usually comes from those who are in a happy relationships and haven’t been on the horrible dating scene in years.

Some of your friends act like being single is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Even after explaining in some detail that you are quite happy with your single status, you still receive those annoying pitying looks.