4 excuses you use to convince yourself not to travel


There are many reasons that people chicken out of travelling; however, no matter how much of cliché this sounds like, travelling will really open up to new experiences and new people

The excuse: It’s too dangerous
We admit it, some places are safer than others but just choose your destinations with caution and you’ll be fine. There is a whole world out there to be enjoyed – feel the fear and do it anyway.

The excuse: I’m broke
This is a legitimate excuse we know but there are so many other ways around it! Volunteer or work as an English teacher – not only will you be giving back but it will look good on your CV.

The excuse: Too many responsibilities
You will always find something more important that you need to do but just go with it – as the kids would say, “YOLO”.

The excuse: I’ll be homesick
Leaving your family and friend behind for the big bad world can be pretty daunting but it will be so worth it. And it’s not like you can never see them again!