1D team up with McBusted to create best boy band EVER!


The boy bands to beat all boy bands has just been born!

Before One Direction left the UK to kick off the European leg of their Where We Are tour, they took part in a secret recording session with supergroup McBusted!

1D’s Niall Horan has confirmed that he and his bandmates have teamed up with McBusted to write, record and possibly perform together. Eek!

Niall said, “We worked with McFly on the last album but now it’s all about McBusted. It’s something really cool for me because the first gig I ever went to was Busted and McFly.

“[McBusted’s] James Bourne is a really talented songwriter so it’s exciting to have him as part of the mix.”

Niall’s confirmation comes after Danny Fletcher spilled the beans on Twitter.

He wrote, “Need to get an early night, working with @Dannymcfly on a new song we wrote with @NiallOfficial for 1D tomorrow. How ace is life!”

Tom Fletcher also let slip some band secrets, too.

“We’ve already written three new songs with Niall for their next album,” he said.

Bring on the boy band sandwich!