15 things guys want to ask you on a first date


Have you ever wondered if that guy actually wants to pay for the meal? Here are some things a guy is thinking during a date – from a guy's perspective!

1. Do I really have to pay for everything?
It should be half and half this day in age – no?

2. What was your name again?
Tinder=lots of dates, don't judge too harshly. Eek.

3. Are you going to finish that?
You don’t want to sound rude, but sometimes a girl will order food and not finish it and it’s lying there going to waste. You will just make do with what you have, but if you could, you would eat their leftovers, even though half of the meal is still there.

4. Do you actually find that funny or are you just humouring me?
They say it’s a good sign when a girl laughs at your jokes, even the bad ones. Sometimes though, girls will just be humouring you.. It would be good to know if she genuinely finds what I’m saying funny or is just trying to make things less awkward.

5. Does this shirt do anything for you?
It can be hard to tell what a girl is into, so we just stick on a nice shirt, some cologne and hope they like it. If we could, we would actually ask if they think it’s a good shirt or not. The only clue we can get if she says that she actually like it, which is always a good sign.

6. Is the cologne too much?
Guys will usually have that trusty cologne that they always resort to when their going out. Girls don’t usually comment on a guys smell whether it’s good or bad, so it’s hard to know. Sometimes we might put on a bit too much and overcompensate, so if we could we would ask if them if we put on a bit too much.

7. What do you think of my hair?
This might sound like a very vain question to ask, but it’s really more about whether or not she actually likes your hair. Guys spend the most time on their hair than anything else, so it would be actually good to know what they thought of it. If we asked this question, she would automatically think we’re incredibly self -centred and vain…

8. Do you have to order dessert?
It can be awkward if you’re ready to leave after the main course and she is intent on ordering dessert. It’s nice to get a heads up so we know that we will have to fork out the extra cash on a cheesecakebefore you only eat half of it an say “I’m so stuffed”.

9. Do you really have to keep tasting my food?
I get that you want to have a little bit of everything, but I ordered the steak for a reason, because that’s what I wanted and presumably you ordered the pasta for the same reason. 

10. Why do you keep going to the toilet?
It's been like three times and the starters just arrived…

11. Are you even listening to what I’m saying?
It would be nice if you acted like you cared about what we were talking about y'know. 

12. Can we please stop talking about your last relationship?
It’s good to know when the last time you were in the relationship was and how long you have been single for, but we don’t need every intimate detail about it. You clearly still have some feelings for him if you’re still talking about him this much, maybe you’re not ready to start dating again?

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13. Could you please stop looking at your phone every two seconds?
This kind of stuff is infuriating, when you’re trying to talk to a girl and they keep checking their phone. There should be a place in restaurants where you can put your phones, so there won’t be any Instragam pictures of your food and so people can actually talk for once.

14. Do you have any clue where your life is going, or is that just me?
You don’t want to tell them that you have no clue what you’re doing with your life, but it would be good to know if she was the same. You only went to college to keep your parents happy and have no real exit strategy either. There is no nice way of asking this so it’s better just to keep this one out of the conversation.

15. Are you one of those girls that take ages to text back?
When we text a girl it drives us mad when she takes hours to text back “Hi”, you might as well have not texted back if you’re going to come out with that crap. We’re not going to buy the excuse that you forgot because we know girls are glued to their phones.

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