12 thoughts every girl has watching Clueless for the first time


Most of us would have seen the wonder that is Clueless for the first time, way back when.

We’re talking pre-teen territory here, so we were SO innocent, we were SO naïve and we were so very, very confused.

We knew we loved it, but what were they talking about? And what is that girl wearing?

Here are 12 thoughts we pondered while getting to grips with the adventures of Cher, Dionne and the crew.

Is that girl actually going to wear a top hat to school today?

What the hell is polyester hair?

Is ‘surfing the crimson wave’ what we think it is?

Woah, woah, woah. We really need that fluffy pink pen. Am i in love with that pen?

What’s a homie and how do you roll with one?

Elton just mentioned The Cranberries! I know who they are!

Why is it funny that Cher likes Billie Holiday? What’s wrong with him? Is he bad?

What does ‘tardiness' mean and why is Travis giving a speech about it?

Why is Tai so surprised they have coke? Are we missing something?

What is Murray saying about Christian on the highway? He likes cake? He’s got a friend called Dorothy? Why are the girls acting like that’s a big deal? We LOVE cake!

Did Cher coordinate the colour of her chewing gum with the colour of her outfit? Just wow.

Cher has a computerised wardrobe, so why does she use a drink can instead of hair rollers?

NOW, we know so much better! We think.