12 signs that guy is using you


If you feel like that guy might be using you for booty calls, do a quick check. If most of these ring true, it may be time for you to find someone who actually appreciates you!

1. They never talk about anything personal
Conversation is very ‘top line’, you talk about the weather, a recent film, maybe even a bit of college work, but they never discuss their friends, family, past relationships or experiences.


2. They never want to hear about your life
You can see the glazed look whenever you bring up something about your own personal life. They nod and smile but quickly chance the subject to either something about them, or sex.


3. They never want to talk on the phone
You call, they text ‘what’s up?’

4. You only meet in places where sex could potentially happen
Cinema is off limits, ‘why not a DVD instead?’ they suggest. 

5. Every time you see each other, all you do is have sex
A movie might be put on, but the opening credits are barely finished before it’s pants off dance off.


6. They only text you at ungodly hours
Drunken texts at times you know the club has cleared out and it’s slim pickings

7. They’re really sweet before you have sex but as soon as it’s finished, they become cold
During the foreplay it’s all ‘you’re so hot, I love your smile’, after the big finish it's all downhill. 


8. They never sleep over or allow you to sleep over till morning
They might dance around the subject of breakfast and possibly a day date but as soon as the shows over, it’s Hailo time

9. You don’t share meals together unless it’s left over pizza
You don’t even go to get a a quick bite together, not even a McDonald's…

10. They call you names like ‘pal,’ ‘buddy’ or ‘mate’
…And initiate things like a fist pump


11. They have casually brought up someone else they fancy or are seeing
So not on. 

12. They can be a little cold when you bump into them in public
‘Oh hey, yeah… so, I’m late for…. pizza… See ya’

Dump their sorry ass because you deserve SO much more!

via our content partner CT