10 times Taylor Swift danced like no one was watching


We LOVE us some Taylor Swift. Her videos are great, her songs are catchy and most importantly, she doesn't care what anyone thinks!

Which is why audience cams just keep catching her out dancing like no one is watching. You go girl!

1. We can't stop looking at the girl in the blue dress throwing shapes like there's no tomorrow

2. Bet Lorde is regretting she didn't side with Katy Perry after these dance moves…

 3. Taylor, everyone knows you keep your dance moves to Jay-Z songs for the car. They're private. This is why:

4. Don't lie, Lorde – you are MORTIFIED. 

5.The time that she and Selena Gomez weren't taking no sh** from no one

6. "Psst, Taylor. Here, we're not being bad but can you STOP dancing? Thanks."

7. That time she made Ed Sheeran and Yoko Ono very uncomfortable

8. Shimmy shimmy

9. How big was the box, Taylor?

10. God bless the audience cam

Ah, Taylor, how we love your dodgy dance moves. We're pretty convinced she does it for us at this point. Thanks, Taylor!