10 things you will miss about college during the summer


Let’s face it, there is a LOT of stuff you can do in college that just doesn’t happen in real life. Here are some examples of what we will miss most this summer:

1. Not being able to see your college friends every day. Sniff.
We live and breathe every minute with our college homies and adapting to spending time without them is one of the major downsides to summer.


2. Midday drinking
Now that you’re back home, it’s no longer possible to skip your 3 hour lab for a pint of Fosters in the student bar. Instead, the only alcohol you will consume during the day will be the Bailey’s cheesecake your Granny offers you during lunch.

3. Peaceful sleep-ins
Back in college, daily lie-ins were always a part of your morning routine. Sadly, you are now woken at 9am by your mother who sharply opens the curtains and lectures you on how “you should be outside enjoying the good weather while we have it!” Ugh.


4. Having an excuse not to work
Throughout the college year there’s always an assignment to be used as an excuse not to get a job. Now that you have three to four months sitting on your behind, you have no excuse to pass down a job offer from the local supermarket. For those of us who already had part-time work, prepare for a dramatic increase in ‘weekday’ work. Whoo.


5. Meeting new people
College offers brilliant opportunities to meet new and exciting people almost every day. At home however, you know everyone in your little town or village. A whole summer spent with the same people day everyday is bound to take its toll. Bring back the randomers!

6. Going out whatever night you feel like it
Whether you’re in Dublin or Cork, Limerick or Galway, any night can be a ‘going out’ night. To our misfortune, Monday Madness and three euro pints on a Thursday are unheard of concepts in our locals. Drinking on a weeknight at home offers a crowd of your father’s friends and a varied choice of Guinness or Heineken on tap. Monday Madness? We think not.


7. The classes you actually like
Although attending class wasn’t really your thing all semester, during the summer months we would happily sit in a class with the oddball lecturer who likes to reminisce about his weed smoking days on an escapade to Holland back in the 80’s. The entertaining stories kept your mind occupied.

11514 - animated_gif charlton_heston laughing planet_of_the_apes reaction_image

8. The convenience of delivery food
In college, if you don’t feel like cooking, food was only a call away. Whether it’s Chinese or Indian, food is at your doorstep within the hour. However, if you live in the back arse of nowhere and you’re pretty sure that the sat-nav doesn’t even acknowledge where you live, scraping the bottom of the freezer for a microwave pizza is as good as it gets.


9. The Free Wi-Fi
Hey, not everywhere has free Wi-Fi, it’s a commodity in this world! Not the best connection at times but it still kept you constantly connected during those ‘morning after the night before’ scenarios when a tagged photo or two needed to be removed immediately.



10. Being able to live on a budget
In college it’s quite acceptable to live off literally zero cash. The summer months are an expensive time what with bikinis to be bought for sun holidays and interrailing tickets to be paid for. There’s grown -up style responsibilities on the horizon and it’s time to start saving. Sigh.



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