10 signs you and that guy are more than “just friends”


You keep telling all of your friends that you and that guy are "just friends" but underneath it you know it's more and here are the signs:

1. You’re secretly jealous when they go out with someone else
You might act like you’re happy for them, but on the inside you’re jealous that theyre seeing someone else. You hope that things don’t work out…

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2. You go out together a lot more
You don’t see them as “dates” but if you were actually to look at it they kind of are. You might start off by going to the cinema or bowling, sooner or later you start to have dinner together, then breakfast…

3. You start to care how you look around them
Before you could wear sweatpants around them and you wouldn’t really care, but lately you seem to be putting more effort into your appearance around them. A spray of perfume here, bit of hair gel there… Stop kidding yourself.

4. Missing them more than you should
If you’re friends with someone, you tend not to be bothered so much about not seeing them. Things get messy when you start texting them if they haven’t arrived on a night out, wondering what’s keeping them, being bored until they get there.

5. Other people ask you if you’re together
People tend to notice when two people are together and when they’re not. So if your friends start to notice things and ask you about them, then clearly your relationship with each other has changed.

6. You get nervous when you’re around them
When you were just friends you never got nervous around and you were always comfortable around them. If you start to get a little nervous when you know you’re going to see them then there is clearly something there.

7. You get mad at them for no apparent reason
When you’re friends with someone there is less drama than if you’re in a relationship. If you seem to be bickering with them are get angry for no reason, then you clearly care about them and your frustrations are covering it up.

8. You feel overprotective of them
When you’re friends with someone you might advise them not to do something, but ultimately you know it’s up to them. If you secretly like them you will be protective of them and be concerned when they do something dangerous.

9. If they give you a compliment you start to blush
Friends usually tell each other when they look good and when they aren’t looking the best. You know that they have good intentions, if they mean something more to you then you might blush or act shy. If we really like someone we take compliments to heart and it makes you like them more.

10. They’re always on your mind
When you find yourself alone, your mind wanders and you start to think about them. You might think about your friends every now and then, but if you care for them, they always seem to be on your mind and you can’t get them out of your head.

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