10 signs THAT person is definitely a keeper


What makes a person the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend? We all know this goes far beyond looks and when we look for someone to have a deep and meaningful relationship with – there are some essential traits. 

Here are the signs that THAT person in your life is a keeper for sure: 

1. They encourage you to spend time with your friends and family without them

2. They make the effort to get to know your friends and family

3. Their jealousy levels are a normal level and never OTT

4. They send little reminders that they are thinking of you; funny photos, texts, articles etc.

5. They don't make you jealous by flaunting other women in your face

6. They love having you around their friends 

7. They keep up to date with your professional life and fully support you in your endeavours

8. They only ever use positive words about your appearance and body and never miss an opportunity to tell you that you look smashing

9. They hold your hair back after that "oopsie daisy" Cosmo too many – this is an essential trait really, ladies

10. They respect your opinion at all times even when they may not agree with it, resulting in stimulating conversations (or, you know, huge fights)

Bonus: They make you insanely happy – because at the end of the day that's all that really matters!