10 signs that guy is definitely and totally into you!

Getting mixed messages? Not quite convinced that he’s into? Or have no idea at all? Fear not! We have the low down on the lads. Here are the tell tale signs that he’s into you *wink* *wink*.

1. You Always Catch Him Looking At You

 This is a great indicator that’s he’s into you! If you catch him checking you out on the regular, it means that he likes what sees *nudge* *nudge*. .

2. He’s Always Really Loud Around You

 When any guy is into someone, he’s always gonna try and show himself off. In lad land this means cracking jokes, being smart and an overall showcase. Think of monkey trying to attract a mate. He’s doing it all for your attention.

3. He Always Says Hello To You First

Whenever you see him, he always says hello to you before any of your friends. This is his subconscious acting out. He’s so excited to see you, that he mentally directs all his attention on your arrival. You can see the joy in his eyes. Prepare for a major hug and a massive smile. If he does this, he’s definitely into you.

4. His Mates Have Heard Of You Before You’ve Even Met Them

If one of his friends says: "oh, I've heard about you from Ben." This is a BIG sign that he’s been talking about you to his friends! Ask yourself this: how much would a guy have to talk about you to have his friends remember your name? A lot! You certainly have left your mark on him if this happens.

5. The Flanter Is Serious Between You Two

“Flanter” – the combination of flirting and banter, for those who have not heard of it. And it’s exactly what it says on the tin. They’re are your guy mates that you’re able to have a laugh with. But with this guy, you’re all over each other, without actually being all over each other. But still, you’re constantly winding each other up, play fighting and smile like idiots around each other.

6. He Texts/Calls You All The Time

You can’t go an hour or two without getting a message from this lad. This shows that you’re in his mind pretty much all of the time. But above all, that he enjoys talking to you. Also, this is a really good way to tell if he’s just into you for your looks. It’s normal for guys to say you looked good in class today, but to go into detail and then ask you out, that’s a red flag. See if he interested in getting to know you.

7. He Blushes Everytime His Friends Tell You He's Crushin’ On You

Boys will be boys. Which means they love showing their mate up in front of the girl he likes. Don’t be surprised if your walking by himself and his friends and they start yelling “Hey there’s *so-and-so’s* girlfriend, or “Hey *so-and-so* isn’t that the girl you’re in love with?”. If his face goes bright red then… well… it doesn’t take a brain surgeon.

8. The Compliments Are Non-Stop With Him

It almost as if he can’t help the words from falling out of his mouth. Even if it’s just a sly compliment while the world is turning around the two of you, it’s a tell tale sign that he can’t help but think you’re gorgeous.

9. Your Girlfriends Constantly Tell You That He’s Into You

If it’s just one of the girls telling you, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to her. But if it’s all of the girls, then they’re probably right. If you’ve been denying it up to this point, well then open your eyes girl! He’s well into you.

10. He’ll Always Offers To Get You A Drink

A most convenient way to tell if he’s into you is if he offers to get you a drink! Two things are for sure when this happens; he’s definitely into and you’re gonna have a great time tonight.

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