10 memories everyone who went to Irish college will have


While it may have seemed like the worst thing EVER back in the day, when you look back on it, you were very lucky to have been given to chance to go to the Gaelteacht.

Here are some of the fond memories you no doubt have:

1. Where the hell are we?
When you are on the bus to the Gaeltacht you feel like it takes an eternity to actually get there. It all starts to look the same and you’re so deep into the countryside there are no roads only laneways.

BNJesMP2. Learning absolutely no Irish
Nobody actually learns Irish at the Gaelteacht – more like Engrish. “An bhfuil cead agam dul go  dtí an beach and take a swim?”

post-33751-I-have-no-idea-what-youre-talk-tg0I3. Shifting up against the back wall at the disco
You cringe now. Back then you were just glad you got your first shift in Irish college and didn’t have to go to school in September a “frigid.”


4.  Playing Hot Potato during every break
Or else that weird clapping game that all of the cool girls played.

tumblr_lunranbzy41qdm9llo1_5005. Ban an Ti
She is the head of the household and was crazy enough to volunteer to keep a huge bunch of girls in her house for two weeks. She makes your breakfast and dinner washes your clothes if they’re dirty, a real Irish mammy.

mlf56. Ceilis
Any time you hear Irish dancing instructions you shudder at the thought. The Ceili is on every night and you have to learn the steps and try not to look like a fool in front of the Irish college veterans.

ceilimeme-37. No TV and no Internet
Looking back, we were troopers for surviving without a TV or internet or music! Go us!

giphy8. Couples
During your two/three week stay in the Gaeltacht almost of every girl and every guy get together and then before they leave they break up.

get_a_room9. Speaking English at every opportunity you get

i-do-what-i-want10. The talent show
It all boils down to this – don’t mess it up!


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