10 hobbies that are way more fun than watching TV

It’s time to go old-school.

Put down the laptops, phone, switch off the TV and get happy!

These hobbies will give you a sense of well-being – see which one suits you best.

1. Reading
Join a library and get lost in the thousands of other worlds out there.

2. Cooking
Cooking may look stressful on the TV shows but in your kitchen it can be a relaxing and tasty hobby to have. Your family and friends will definitely appreciate it!

3. Walking/Hiking
Get out there and see the world on foot. It’s far more beautiful that way. Check out all of the amazing walks that are right on your doorstep.

4. Running
Running is almost a therapeutic activity for so many people. Start with a walk-jog-walk if you are new to it. You will find running will be your time to think and be free.

5. Knitting
This hobby isn’t just for your nan! Who doesn’t love a warm woolly scarf in autumn? Pick your own colours and click, click away content and relaxed.

6. Candle-making
A cheaper way to make your home smell lovely. Great for giving as gifts too!

7. Writing
Write anything you want: poetry, short stories, your day, anything! Just write. As Hélène Cixous said: “Write yourself. Your body must be heard.”

8. Gardening
It is very rewarding to see a garden come to live from your own work. Even if you don’t have a garden, that shouldn’t stop you from growing herbs on your kitchen sill.

9. Decorating
Get into home improvement! Use your home as a blank canvas and make it into whatever you like. Use DIY as much as you can for personal touches.

10. Jewellery-making
There is so much inspiration out there, choose your style and create it!