10 hangover foods that Irish people love


While hangovers may be the worst thing ever, it is quite nice having a day dedicated to eating as much greasy, fried, cheesy food as you possibly can. 

Here are some favourite hangover foods we love in Ireland:

1. Tayto sandwiches
With real butter ONLY and Brennan's bread…heaven. Or you may be a King's person, which is totally fine too…no judgment. 

2. Tea
It may as well be a food group, let's be honest. When we're hungover there is never a cup of tea far from us. 

3. Hot chicken roll
Whether you like it plain, with ketchup, or even with cheese and coleslaw, hot chicken rolls will cure any headache. 

4. Jambons
On any non-hungover day we will look at these and say to ourselves, 'Who eats those?!' Then we walk in after a big night out and they suddenly look mighty attractive. 

5. Koka noodles
Boil the kettle, sprinkle, pour – perfection. #KanyeShrug

6. Big dirty fry
Pudding (both colours), eggs, brown bread, rashers, sausages, hash browns, fried tomatoes and pieces of triangular toast. Thanks mom. 

7. Club Orange and/or Lucozade
All of the fizz makes the day less hard. 

8. Cheesy beans on toast
It's fascinating how melted cheese can transform beans on toast. 

9. Cheese chips
That bright orange cheese sauce poured over chips…yum. 

10. 3-in-1
Chips, curry sauce AND rice?! We all remember our first 3-in-1.