10 easy ways to cut extra calories during the day

Losing weight does’t have to be all boiled chicken and steamed broccoli.

Here are some easy tips to cut extra calories without even noticing.

1. Take the stairs
At every opportunity!

2. Skip the public transport
Get the walking shoes on

3. Eat off smaller plates
You’ll still get full

4. Don’t drink your calories
Stick with water

5. Eat at the dinner table
Avoid mindlessly eating more than you need

6. Instead of going for a drink with your friend, go for a walk
Much healthier!

7. Bring snacks in your bag
Such as nuts, oat cakes etc. to avoid sneaking into the siopa

8. Drink a glass of water before each meal
It will fill you up slightly before you even start! You’ll be surprised by how much of your hunger is actually thirst.

9. Homemade is best.
Be it popcorn, chocolate treats or granola bars. Get creative in the kitchen!

10. Eat a larger, substantial meal for lunch and a smaller lighter meal for dinner
You’ll feel less bloated in the morning.