Important life lessons we have all learnt from Father Ted

There’s no TV show quite like the Irish classic, Father Ted. And there never will be again.

But it’s not all fun and games on Craggy Island, here are some important life lessons that Father Ted has taught us all over the years.

1. Sometimes you have to do the impossible. And kick Bishop Brennan up the arse

Father Ted 21

2. Always expect the unexpected

Father Ted 28

3. It’s always okay to have a bit of a flirt

Father Ted 20

4. Say no to drugs.


5. And yes to puppies


6. Dance like nobody is watching


7. Try not to get caught

Father Ted 27

8. Take pride in your appearance

Father Ted 16

9. And in your achievements

Father Ted 11

10. Sometimes you can’t help who or what you love

Father Ted 7

11. Eggs are feckin’ great

Father Ted 15

12. So is tea


13. You should never say no to tea


14. Racism is bad


15. Stand up for what you believe in


16. Ryan Tubridy shouldn’t be on The Late Late Show


17. Ireland’s Eurovision days are over


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