Zayn Malik FINALLY breaks his Twitter silence


Zayn Malik has taken to Twitter for the first time since having to address the infamous cheating rumours. 

Luckily, this tweet was much more light hearted and relaxed than the last one.

He said: "Wanna say thanks to everyone that's been there for me over the last few weeks, love you all…you know who you are x"

Things have been looking up for Zayn the past while. He won an award on Friday at London's Annual Asian Awards where he shocked fans with a new haircut.  

He then thanked "four of the best guys" he's ever met, referring to his former One Direction band mates.

He has said to be "doing alright" while living a quieter life outside of the One Direction spotlight. 

He has also been spending a lot of time with producer Naughty Boy, and wants to launch a solo career.

Before this, Zayn was on a rocky path as cheating rumours surfaced about a mysterious girl in Thailand and he announced that he was leaving One Direction.

We hope he keeps up the tweets!