Zac Efron reveals his partying past helped him prepare for his new role


Zac Efron has come clean recently about his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, but now the actor has revealed that his partying years helped prepare him for his role in the new film, Bad Neighbours.

“I think it was perfect. It was the last nail on the cross you know? So to speak. But it was cool. I knew how to do it right, for the movie.”

Even though the 26-year-old actor said his past self could relate to his character, he feels nowadays he relates to Seth Rogen’s character in the film, a lot more.

“Any character Seth plays I always tend to agree with that character more. In this one he’s like growing up and dealing with the responsibilities of having a family but still wanting to be young, and to go out, and have fun, so he’s envious of the fraternity next door and I’ve felt that way for sure. I can relate to that feeling, but then, I’ve been in the other place. That’s the thing, you’ve been, you’ve always been to where the fraternity is before so you kind of fall back to it.”

Well, we’re glad to see you have such a great attitude towards your recovery Zac!