YouTubers Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita are engaged


It’s official — YouTube stars Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita are getting married!

After eight years of dating, Julien finally popped the question, asking Jenna Mourey — otherwise known as her social media persona Jenna Marbles — to marry him.

“A little while ago, I asked Jenna to marry me, and she said yes,” Julien excitedly announced during a Twitch livestream on Thursday evening, adding, “So we are engaged.”

“I'm very excited, and it feels good to get the words out because I wanted to tell you for a while and I didn't because it was giving me anxiety, so I just kind of held onto it.”

“And I think today I realised it was kind of flipped, and it was giving me more anxiety to kind of hold on to it, so there's the news,” the 28-year-old vlogger explained, sharing a photo of his bride-to-be showing off her glittering engagement ring.

Jenna Mourey showing off her engagement ring

This is the first many of Jenna’s fans will have heard about her in quite a long time, since the YouTuber stopped posting on her YouTube account last summer. In an apology video which the 34-year-old filmed and posted online last June for her 20 million subscribers, Jenna addressed previous videos she had made which were highly offensive in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jenna referenced a video in which she used black face to imitate Nicki Minaj, along with several other examples which she was deeply ashamed of. “It was not my intention to do blackface… but all that matters is that people were offended and it hurt them,” Jenna said in the video, adding, “I think I’m just gonna move on from this channel for now… I want to make sure the things I put out into the world are not hurting anyone.”

Since then, Jenna hasn't shared any content on social media, and has seemingly been enjoying a quieter life with her fiancé. Congratulations to both of the happy couple on this exciting new chapter!