Your long summer days in the sun sorted


Everyone in this country loves a barbecue, what a pity then we don’t always get the weather. Still, a battered old disposable BBQ or seriously weathered-looking garden furniture hardly inspires you to throw your own al fresco soiree when the sun eventually does shine.

Still, with investing in pricey equipment seeming ill-advised considering we have no idea how summer 2015 will pan out, we reckon Aldi can solve a few outdoor entertainment dilemmas…

At €49.99, Aldi's dual burner gas BBQ is a bargain buy, and perfect, along with it's €1.79 tools and brushes, for a yummy dinner under the sun. 

The €99.99 drinks fridge holds approximately 48 litres and and has an adjustable shelf for various sized bottles. Fill it up with a range of your favourite beverages and be spoilt for choice. 

Aldi's variety of chairs includes the US lounge chairs for €19.99 which are available in beige, dark green, and dark blue.

The €19.99 plastic chairs can hold up to 110kg and are perfect for sitting up to the €39.99 aluminium folding table while on a camping trip with friends.   

To add a touch of colour to the table, the premium bamboo tableware range of salad bowls, fruit bowls, small bowls and oval trays are available in three colours and are €14.99, while the quirky glass drinking jars are €6.99 per pack. The drinking jars are available in four colours, and the milk bottles with straws and lids are available in three colours.