Your how-to guide for catwalk-worthy brows!


If Cara Delevingne is giving you serious brow envy, then it might be time to amp up your own beauty game.

Getting defined, fuller brows is easier than you might think and even if you don't have the time or patience to let your eyebrows grow out, with a few simple touches you can totally fake it.

Check out our DIY guide…

What you'll need in your kit:

  • A good pair of tweezers
  • A small scissors for trimming (optional)
  • An eyebrow pencil
  • A matte brown eyeshadow
  • ​Setting wax or Vaseline
  • A spooled brush
  • An angled brush
  • ​Concealer
  • Highlighter or a light golden eyeshadow

​Time to get started…

​1. Tidy your brows up
Start by plucking any hairs from between or around the brows. Brush the eyebrow hairs upward using a spooled brush and neatly trim any hairs that are longer than your desired brow line, if needed.

2. Define
Shape the arch of your brow by using an eyebrow pencil to line the bottom curve of the brow. Fill in any patchy spots or gaps with the pencil or by lightly dusting on some matte brown eyeshadow with your angled brush.

3. Clean up the edges
Use your concealer to clean up the edges around and above the brows, for a more defined look. Be sure to blend!

4. Highlight
Use a cream highlighter or light golden eyeshadow to highight your brow bone and the area directly under your eyebrow arch,

5. Set the shape
Using setting wax or a tiny dab of Vaseline (too much will look greasy), gently brush your eyebrows into shape using the spooled brush.