SO this POTTER star should have been Austin in A Cinderella Story


If you were a teen in the noughties you’ll remember falling head-over-heels in love with Chad Michael Murray as he played a modern day Prince Charming in A Cinderella Story.

But can you imagine how different our lives would have been if Hilary Duff had spent that film falling in love with Ron Weasley?

As unbelievable as that might seem now, it turns out that very scenario was actually the original plan.

According to Teen Vogue, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint was originally offered the Austin Ames role in the 2004 flick but had to turn it down because of his Hogwarts-based commitments.

So every time you fantasised about Mr Murray reuniting you with your lost mobile phone in the most wonderfully cheesetastic way possible, you could have been dreaming about Harry Potter’s right hand man.

Minds officially blown.