‘You changed Louis’ life’ Johannah left one final note for Directioners


A week on from the death of Louis Tomlinson's mother Johannah Deakin, her husband has shared her thoughts on the impact Directioners have had on her son's life.

Johannah, who passed away after a six-month battle with leukaemia at the age of 43, requested her husband, Dan, share her words with One Direction fans in the aftermath of her death, and last night he did just that.

Taking to Johanna's Twitter page, he began: "Hi, it's Dan. Johanna asked for me to send this afterwards."

"She wanted to thank you all, and to let you know that you have been amazing, right from the start," he continued,

"You changed Louis' life, but also her life. Your support now is as strong if not stronger than ever. So from Johannah one last time, thank you for everything."

The series of tweets have been liked almost a quarter of a million times in just 12 hours, with One Direction fans rushing to extend their sympathies.

"I am literally here speechless, I just can say thank you Dan, for being so strong and for telling us what she wanted," wrote one Twitter user.

"The fact that she thought of us even in her darkest days really makes me cry, she was a wonderful mother and woman and we are always here, by your side, for Louis and your family."

"She was a beautiful soul who gave us the best idol we could have ever wished for," added another.

Following his emotional X Factor performance at the weekend, Louis was praised for his display of strength and courage in the face of such personal heartbreak.