You can now unsend your Facebook messages (if you’re quick)


Ever sent something via Facebook chat and had instant mega regret? Yeah, us too. 

Luckily, it's reported that Facebook will soon be rolling out a new update that will allow you to unsend those risky messages. 

Facebook Messenger's unsend button was first promised over a year ago – after it was discovered that the platform was deleting messages sent by founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

Conversations people had with the tech mogul before 2014 were scrubbed, and in response, Facebook apologised and promised that an unsend button was in development for all users. 

'We will now be making a broader delete message feature available,'  Facebook wrote in a statement to Mashable. 

'This may take some time. And until this feature is ready, we will no longer be deleting any executives' messages.'

So, going forward, you will have the option to delete a message you have sent. 

To do so,  tap on a message in a conversation and select remove. 

A pop-up will then ask you if  you want to remove the message for everyone in the chat or just for you. 

If you choose just for you, then everyone else can still see the message, but you can't.

However, you only have  10 minutes in which to delete your message, so you best be quick!