Yolanda Hadid shares an unseen photo of Gigi and Zayn’s baby girl


It seems the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, Yolanda Hadid is a proud granny!

The reality star took to Instagram on Sunday, October 18 to gush about her daughter Gigi’s precious little baby girl, who was welcomed into the world at the end of last month.

“My heart is expanding with so much love and joy for this little baby girl,” Yolanda wrote, before sweetly adding, “she is an angel sent to us from above…..”.


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In the photo we can see Gigi and Zayn Malik’s daughter adorably clutching onto Yolanda’s fingers, with her face just out of frame.

Excited and grateful for her new role, Yolanda added, “Thank you Mommy & Daddy for making me an Oma, I love every minute of it.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Yolanda has gushed about her new grandchild. Just one week before Gigi went into labour, Yolanda posted a black and white photo of her cradling Gigi's growing baby bump.


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In the following image we can see Yolanda and her other daughter, Bella Hadid with both of their hands lovingly holding Gigi’s stomach. “Waiting patiently for her angel to be born……” the caption read.

Meanwhile, Yolanda also commented on her growing family back in April. “I am excited to become an Oma in September, especially after I lost my mom so recently,” Yolanda revealed in an interview with RTL Boulevard.

“But this is the beauty of life; one soul leaves us and a new one comes in. We feel very blessed,” she added.