Wristband lets your pals know if you’ve had one too many!

Ever had one of those nights where you spend the entire evening looking after a friend who just got too drunk, too fast? Forget dancing to Beyoncé, you're filling them with pints of water and trying to convince them it's time to head home.

The developers behind a new project called Vive hope to stop nights getting to that messy stage. The Vive wristband links you wirelessly to your group of friends, and each of your heartbeats and hydration levels are monitored throughout the night. 

The bracelet vibrates every so often and in order to stop it, you're required to give it a little squeeze – the idea being that if you've had one too many G & Ts, you won't even notice the vibration.

If you or one of your friends doesn't "check in" with a squeeze of the band, the other members of your group will be alerted and can then find whoever's missing using GPS on their phones.

Could be good idea for big nights out – as long as you haven't ALL overdone it on the tequila!