Wrinkles are the BEST accessory according to this fashion publicist


It seems Macklemore isn’t the only fan of your granddad’s clothes – 23-year-old fashion publicist, Christina Belchere has now started up an Instagram account called Fashion Grandpas.

The stylish Instagram account shares regular pictures of dapper old men who are looking very well indeed in their chosen outfits. She got the idea after going out for a walk and being dumbstruck by the amount of stylish older men.

So what makes an exceptionally stylish grandpa?

“[His] best accessory is the beautiful aging shown on wrinkles on his face, salt and pepper beard, and perhaps the way their mouth always tends to be hanging halfway open.”

“Suited and bow tie grandpas, layered look grandpas, and urban street wear grandpas” are all @fashiongrandpa worthy, according to Belchere.

“Their age and their impeccable style makes them look like they have an amazing story to tell about what they’ve seen and where they’ve been and where they’re going.”

Belchere says the reason the account has gotten so popular is due to its endearing quality as most old men are not aware of how stylish the truly are.