Would you like some AIR? This lunatic is selling it for 60 QUID


A man named Stefan Butz is selling German air for €60. We kid you not.

When we first saw this, we thought it was bonkers, but to be fair, it does sounds incredibly crazy to people like us, who have fresh air (mostly) on our doorstep.

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However, for people who live in air polluted cities like China, India, South-East Asia, it could be a different story.

In the Independent, Stefan explained the idea behind his business: “[In Salina Valley] salty water evaporates by running down on brushwood stacked in gradient towers. This causes the air to smell like a fresh breeze from the seaside even though the park is many miles away from the coast.

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“The saline air or Salinenluft as the product is labelled in German due to its origin. It comes in corked half litre bottles resembling a good bottle of wine or spirit. It is wrapped in a neat gift box,” said Stefan.

Well, there a go. Maybe he's not a lunatic…