Worried he’s not the right guy for you? Check out his hands!

Sometimes, no matter how charming a guy is or how attractive we find a potential new suitor, something just doesn't feel right.

Next time you're left in two minds about a new man after that first date, it might be worth checking out the shape of his hands!

New research has shown that men who are polite, respectful and considerate to women generally have longer ring fingers and shorter index fingers. As for men with shorter ring fingers or ones the same length as their index finger, they're often more stubborn, hot-tempered and rude.

The ratio of a man's index finger length divided by his ring finger length (digit ratio) is apparently strongly affected by how much testosterone he has been exposed to in the womb – which can in turn impact on how men treat women in later life.

As part of the study undertaken by scientists at the McGill University in Canada, participants filled out forms for every social interaction that lasted five minutes or more over a period of 20 days, and noted their behaviour during each interaction. 

"When with women, men with smaller ratios [i.e. more distance between their ring finger and index finger] were more likely to listen attentively, smile and laugh, compromise, or compliment the other person," said Professor Debbie Moskowitz, the study's lead researcher.

Overall, the study showed that men with longer ring fingers and shorter index fingers had "more harmonious relationships with women."

So… next time you're unsure about a new man – take a look at those fingers!