World-famous performer makes shocking ‘prostitute’ comment


He's not exactly known for thinking before he speaks, but even Kanye went too far with this one. 

The world-famous rapper was chatting all things fashion and he decided to get a little philosophical for the occasion.

As you do.

While speaking to Clique TV, a French online channel, Mr. West was more than happy to enlighten us about the importance of getting it on-point with our style choices. 

And in case you were under the misconception that a fashion misfire every now and again has little to no effect on life as we know it, prepare to be schooled, ladies.

According to Kanye, a fashion mistake can have detrimental repercussions. In fact, playing it fast and loose with your style choice is the equivalent of "getting a prostitute pregnant".

Yes, you heard us right.

Determined to hammer home the importance of good fashion sense, Kanye told the French channel: "If you're not knowledgeable (about fashion) you can make a very expensive mistake… like, it's bordering on getting a prostitute pregnant or something like that."

Well thanks for that Kanye, we'll be sure to bear it in mind.