Woah! Taylor has made a MASSIVE decision about this Sunday’s VMAs


Taylor Swift has had a rollercoaster of a year.

From the Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston drama to the leaked Yeezy footage which had the potential to ruin her reputation, 2016 has undoubtedly been the year of the Taylor Swift headline.

And it sounds like she might need some time out of the spotlight.

In comparison to last year's Video Music Awards which saw the singer scoop four Moonmen, this year's are less Tay-oriented and the star isn't in the running for anything which could go a long way towards explaining her decision not to attend on Sunday.

That's right, people. Taylor Swift is not attending the VMAs this year –  a decision which has sent the rumour mill into overdrive today (obvs).

While insiders say the 26-year-old never intended to appear in the first place, media outlets can't help but wonder if this announcement has anything to do with the fact Kanye has been given a whole four minutes on stage to do whatever the hell he wants.

Sorry Swifties, there'll be no shocked faces or dodgy dance moves this Sunday.

What will the squad do without her?