Why you should swap your selfie for a #selfWE


By now, selfies are pretty much the glue that holds the internet together. No Facebook or Instagram feed is complete without a pouty close-up picture or twenty. How will anyone know how cool your outfit was if you don't nip into the bathrooms at work to take a cheeky mirror selfie?

Kim Kardhashian has even cashed in on the selfie obsession, with plans to release a book containing a whopper 352 pictures… of herself.

The problem with selfies though, it that they are kind of… well… lonely. Sure, your picture might get tons of likes, but is sitting in your room snapping picture after picture of yourself really the best use of your time?

A new campaign hopes to encourage people to involve others in their selfies, inspiring social media users to "get out there, be social, and take a #selfwe." The organisers, Colin and Sam, describe "selfwe" as "a word that embodies friendship and inclusion… a word that is easy to understand. A word that doesn’t totally suck."

A cute idea, but could it take off? Well, the guys are aiming for 10,000 selfwes in total before moving "into the next phase of our experiment"… very mysterious! They already have a pretty packed Instagram feed full of submissions from followers.

There's the obligatory holiday selfwe…

This amazing rollercoaster selfwe…

The "howiya Guard" selfwe…

And of course, the one that started it all!

We love this idea! Time to get snapping!