Why you should break open the ice cream for the Victoria Secret Show

Last night, we saw some of the most famous faces in the model community strut their stuff down the Victoria Secret runway.

The annual angels cause a bucket of controversy and cam make the average human feel very inadequate about their own body and looks.

After the Victoria Secret's creative director, Ed Razek said they weren't willing to cast plus-size or transgender models in this year's show – people began to clap back.

Viewers were asked to boycott the show and the event was slammed for the lack of diversity within their model selection.


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However, we aren't here to sh*t all over the show, but to point out that you should enjoy it for what it is – pure entertainment.

Do grab your tub of ice cream and goodies to watch the glitter and glam – but DON'T feel guilty.

Why I hear you cry? Well those long-legged, stunning women only represent five percent of the entire human population.

According to the book, The Body Project by Eric Stice, Katherine Presnell, who stated that: "Only 5% of women have the body type (tall, genetically thin, broad-shoulders, narrow hips, long-legged and usually small-breasted) seen in almost all advertising. (When the models have large breasts, they’ve almost always had breast implants.)"

So if they represent your body type and you find them inspirational – fantastic.


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But for the rest of the 95 percent of us, stop comparing yourself to the models on the runway, because no matter how much you shame and hate on your body – it won't make it look like theirs.

It's genetically impossible – you won't grow another foot taller or suddenly have abs for days. 

If you find them aspirational for your own workouts and it gives you a little kick to eat healthier, then that's wonderful.

But remember to keep in mind that your body shape is yours, and you should own it – AND you don't have their personal trainers or chefs either.


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This standard shown on the runway is completely unattainable for the majority of us, similar to becoming the action heroes in movies or an Olympian. 

The average person doesn't have eight hours in the day to dedicate solely to training – their JOB is to keep their bodies in this sort of shape.

The Victoria Secret spectacle should be seen as frivolous fashion and not something that should define YOUR body or beauty standards. 

Of course we wait with baited breath for the day that a transgender or plus size model rocks the runway and totally owns the show.

But we have no idea of when that glorious time of inclusion and representation will be upon us.

For now, just enjoy the pretty wings and luxurious lingerie for what they are – all while keeping in mind that these women do not have to define how you feel about your body.