Why this Glee star plans on sharing some SERIOUS gossip

Brace yourselves, the truth is coming out: Naya Rivera, 28, has managed to land herself a book deal for her tell-all memoir titled Sorry Not Sorry. Set to be released in the spring of 2016, Rivera has promised to spill all the juicy secrets we’ve been dying to hear.

For example (ie the question we've all been dying to have answered), what actually happened between her and her ex-fiancé Big Sean?

Indeed, we've been promised that absolutely nothing is going to be off-limits. Hurrah!

Naya began her career as a waitress with the American restaurant chain, Hooters, before she bagged herself a role on the smash-hit show Glee.

The musical comedy shot Ms Rivera to super-stardom but it also landed her in the headlines because of a reported feud between her and fellow cast member, Lea Michele. So of course we’re dying to see if there’s going to be some insight into that rumoured cat fight.

In a Tweet announcing the book’s release, Naya said she’s going to dish on “Glee, guys, growing up & much more.” Certainly the chapters on her love life are going to be definite page turners.

While happily married and expecting her first child with actor husband, Ryan Dorsey, Naya’s relationships haven’t always ended happily ever after.

Her ex-fiancé Big Sean has called their relationship "craziness" in the past and referred to that period as one of his “darkest times”. Harsh.

He has since apologised to Naya about how he handled the split, according to a source for HollywoodLife.com, who said: “He has some regrets about how everything went down with her, as well as publicly dissing her, and is now trying to make amends.”

Rumour has it that Naya was having none of his apologies though. In a Tweet which the star reportedly later deleted, Naya threw some major shade at her former flame. 

Big Sean has also since moved on – dating popstar Ariana Grande for the best-part of a year before their own split earlier this year.

In a statement, Tarcher books announced the memoir will have “candid thoughts on topics ranging from dating… to the challenges of being mixed-race in Hollywood.”

With Naya now starring on the show Devious Maids, she’s definitely going to have even more racy secrets to tell us.