Why the friendships we have in our twenties are the most important!

In a recent interview, singer Taylor Swift opened up about her (somewhat unexpected) friendship with Lena Dunham.

The pair first became pals in 2012 when Lena sent Taylor a direct message on Twitter, gushing about her music. Two years on, Taylor describes her bestie as “a hug in the form of a person,” saying that “her perspective has truly shaped me in the past couple of years.”

Lena has also spoken numerous times about how much of an inspiration Taylor is, describing her songs as “a soundtrack to many of my feelings.”

The fact that the two stars have formed such a strong bond in just two years might seem a little strange, but when you consider that our twenties are some of the most formative years of our lives, it’s no surprise that friendships formed during that period would be equally life-defining.

During childhood and secondary school, our relationships are generally limited to those we meet at school or where we live. It’s only when carving a path for ourselves as adults, at college and beyond, that we get a chance to meet people who we truly identify with, rather than those we meet simply because they live in the house down the road.

That’s not to say that old friendships aren’t just as strong as new ones – we all envy those girls who’ve been a part of each other’s lives since they were three or four – but sometimes it takes growth and perspective to see what we really value in a friend.

Lena and Taylor both found what they were looking for in each other – someone who understands what it is to be successful and creative without being a full-on party animal extrovert. “We have the same responsibility and the same pressure that's on you when you write every single word you end up performing,” said Taylor in an interview last year. Lena’s also praised her pal for helping her “be stronger and make better decisions.”


Happy Birthday to my favorite person to have picnics with.. the magical, kind-hearted, wondrous @lenadunham

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As we grow older, it becomes easier for us to decide for ourselves who we want to give our time to. In our twenties we meet so many diverse groups of people but we don’t instantly become BFFs with everyone that crosses our path. If we don’t see eye to eye with someone, it’s no big deal, we can move on and drop that empty baggage.

That kind of viewpoint means that when we do find someone who we truly admire and relate to, we know the bond is real and worth holding on to.