Why having a girl crush on Emma Watson is good for you

Having a girl crush is healthy, motivational and ten times better for your soul than constantly throwing shade, and we have to admit it, the lady who played Hermione Granger rates highly on our 'Women We Want To Be' list.

Ladies, we give you the wonderful Emma Watson.

1. She loves her pets, dedicates awards to them and reminds us to cherish our furry friends.

This tub of Ben & Jerry's goes out to you, Pebbles.

2. She inspired us all when she stood up and explained the true meaning of feminism.

The world needs reminding.

3. She helped us to realise that it's important not to take yourself too seriously even when you get facepalmed in public.

One day she might facepalm US! Sigh.

4. She reminds us to focus on the important things in life, like graduating college, and ignore the fact that the person beside you is actually an armed bodyguard, not a student.

We'll try, Emma! We'll try.

5. She reveals her true self all the damn time and we can't get enough.

We knew it!

Never change, Emma!