Who said you could only have one wedding?


When Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant got together in 2008, they never realised what life had in store for them.

When they decided to get married the couple couldn’t choose the perfect setting for their very special day.

In the end, they realised that the only way to choose was to travel the world and have an unofficial wedding ceremony in every country they visited.  They have recorded their three-year journey in their blog 2 people 1 life.

The couple are currently travelling across the globe in Peggy, their 27-year-old camper van and have exchanged vows in some if the most unlikely of places. They had an Ancient Mayan wedding ceremony in Mexico, a traditional Andean wedding in Peru and a topless Embera tribe wedding in Panama.

At the end of their journey, both Lisa and Alex will pick a place to officially tie the knot. However, their journey is not over yet and they plan on visiting a few other countries before reaching Australia.

Even after 624 days of driving around in a little van, Lisa still gushes: “I am deeply in love with my husband to be!”

lisa and alex