Which model has been unveiled as the new face of Escada?


Australian model, Miranda Kerr has been revealed to be the new face of the clothing and fragrance company, Escada.

Miranda spoke about her new role at the launch of Escada’s perfume, Joyful: “ESCADA, particularly the new fragrance, has a lot of synergy with my personal outlook.”

Miranda announced her new job to fans by posting an image of herself holding a bouquet of flowers on her Instagram with the caption: “International Day of Happiness spent with@escadaofficial Joyful #ESCADA #JoyfulMoments”

The 30-year-old model has also signed up with another partnership with American clothing company, Wonderbra.

However, Miranda seems to be really excited about working with Escada: “It encourages positivity and confidence to see the bright side of life.”