When they said the hotel had a view we didn’t expect this


This is seriously awkward, like really, really awkward.

25hours Hotel Bikini in Berlin – yeah, we don’t get the name either – has given guests a pretty good view of Berlin zoo, however, the view is not all that great for zoo goers.

The hotel which is only 10 storeys high has floor-to-ceiling windows – in the bathrooms. So, that means you can have a look at what the animals are getting up to while you are, eh, doing your business. At least you won’t be bored.

However, on the flip side, passersby have a view of you, eh, doing your business.

Unfortunately, so many people have noticed this that the hotel has actually had to put up a sign in the bathroom that says: “Please be careful, not only the monkeys are watching”.

Not sure we’ll be heading to this hotel anytime soon or at least we won’t be using their bathroom.