What you definitely should not be wearing to the gym

What you wear when hitting the gym is important and no, not to impress the guys there. What you wear can either enhance or diminish your performance and leave you with either sweat patches or a dewy look – we know what look we’d prefer.

Cotton t-shirt
Don’t wear a cotton t-shirt if you want  to avoid sweaty armpits and back, it’s not a good look. Cotton absorbs the sweat and doesn’t let it evaporate. It can also irritate your skin and cause chaffing. Ouch.

Baggy trousers
Avoid at all cost as they are a serious health hazard. Your foot can get caught in the leg and cause you to trip. Cue embarrassing walk of shame out the gym door.

Revealing clothes
You may want to show off your slim, toned physique but avoid wearing a top that shows off too much cleavage. You are putting yourself at risk of showing more than you want when you’re running or stretching.

Just don’t do it. it is not good for your skin and a patchy orange face is not a very attractive look.