What to ask your hairdresser for if you want Kate Middleton’s new do’

Kate Middleton completely stole the show at Wimbledon this week when she debuted a brand new do. 

Gone are the lengthy brunette tresses, and in their place is a stylish, lighter summer hair style. 


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The stunning Duchess is giving us all kinds of hair inspiration to see out the summer, and her shorter but not quite lob-length hair is low-maintenance perfection. 

While it's definitely not a dramatic change, the slightly lighter look adds a summery edge to her tresses.

The shorter, but still versatile, length makes this look perfect for those who like the option of still having enough length to play around with different styles, without the mega-maintenance of Rapunzel locks. 


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If you're heading to the hairdressers, picture of Kate in hand, make sure you ask for a long bob with an inch or two of extra length, cut with minimal layering for a full-bodied result. 

As for brunettes looking to add a sun-kissed touch to their hair, request some very subtle, sparse highlights, with most centred around the front of the face. 

If you want to channel Kate's hair style at home, grab the straighteners or curling iron and create around four big, loose curls in the hair, directing the curl spiral away from the face. 

Make sure you use a heat protection spray ahead of hear styling, and then separate the loose curls even more with your fingers. 

Finish with a spritz of hair spray for the ideal curly blow dry look, just like Kate's.