What instagram snap sent Tulisa fans into a frenzy?


Tulisa gave her fans quite a scare when she posted a snap of her and her friends on Instagram.

Her fans are convinced that the former NDubz singer has cancer, as one of her eyes looks white in the photo, while the other is red.

Tulisa even captioned the snap, questioning her strange eye colour: “Why do I have 1 red eye one white?”

But one of her fans commented that it could be something serious and she should go to a doctor in case.

“Having 1 red and 1 white could indicate something serious… Eye cancer. @Tulisasinstagram get checked,”

Soon after that comment, Tulisa’s fans became convinced she had cancer and began to beg the former X Factor judge to go to a hospital for an eye check.

Tulisa hasn’t responded to her fans’ worries, but one thing is for sure, she is very much loved.