What I Eat in a Day: Crisps, pasta and toasties with James Kavanagh

He may be famous for his quirky personality and laugh-out-loud posts on social media, but James Kavanagh is also a real foodie. 

Alongside his boyfriend, William Murray, the social media star is currently working on a cookbook which will be out next year.

Called The Currabinny Cookbook, named after their successful food company, it will be a collection of James and William's most sought-after recipes; from breakfast ideas to sumptuous suppers and sweet treats. 

Before you can get your hands on the book and make his favourite recipes at home, James Kavanagh shared with SHEmazing his food habits, guilty pleasures and pet peeves.


The sunset in Athlone is outrageous #AthloneToDaBone

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What is your typical weekday breakfast?

I usually grab whatever is in the fruit bowl and have a Revive Active – so,so good for energy. 

What about lunch?

I’m currently obsessed with Industry's salad boxes – I get one of those almost every day.

They have new salads every day, so you’re never bored. Make sure you get the hummus too – it’s life changing.  

What do you usually have for dinner?

Some sort of pasta or fish and vegetables.

When I’m feeling lazy (which is all the time), I get Cotto pizza or Brother Hubbard via Deliveroo. 


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Is it different at the weekend?

Myself and William have more time at the weekend, so we tend to go wild in the kitchen, and pour loads of time and energy into a meal.

William usually goes all out and whips up a cake too. 

Do you snack during the day?

Crisps are my weakness. I’d eat bags and bags of them.

Tayto Cheese & Onion are my fave (at the moment). 

What would be your ideal food day?

For breakfast, I'd have almond milk porridge from The Westbury. 

For lunch, whatever the special is in The Pepper Pot. 

Dinner would be the tasting menu in Chapter One.

Finally, for dessert, I'd have a Cremia ice-cream cone from Japan (the best ice-cream you’ll ever have).

The one food you could have everyday for the rest of your life?

Pasta (all kinds of pasta) 

What is your favourite dessert? 

Our Currabinny Soaked Orange Cake!


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What is your favourite meal of the day?

Dinner. It’s always exciting. 

Your favourite restaurants in Dublin/Ireland/the world?

In Dublin, I love Coppinger Row – there’s always such a gorgeous atmosphere there. 

In Ireland (this is SO hard to chose!) maybe Café Paradiso in Cork. Proof that meat is not necessary to make an exquisite meal.   

The best brunch place in Dublin?

Fia in Rathgar. The best eggs in Dublin. 

Do you have any “food pet peeves”?

Raisins; they seem to be in everything and they RUIN everything.

Even people who are fond of a raisin would prefer a plain scone, or to not have them in a curry or couscous.


What food would you not eat for the whole world? 

Coddle – not if you paid me. 


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What can we always find in your fridge?

Elderflower cordial. 

You have friends over for dinner, what do you cook for them?

Our halloumi burgers – they always win hearts.

Do you find it hard to eat a healthy diet in a daily basis? 

No, not at all. Good food is plentiful these days, and most cafes and restaurants are pulling up their socks and tweaking menus to suit those after wholesome dishes. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

A cheese toasty. I’d have them every day… 

What is you go-to drink/cocktail in a bar/pub?

Espresso martini or a G&T.

Your favourite place for a drink in Dublin? 

L’Gueuleton. And the barman William is really hot!