What happened when the cast of The Crown met the REAL Royals

The fourth season of Netflix’s hit series, The Crown, is due to hit our screens in a matter of days, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

The lavish  historical drama which focuses on the English Royal family, stars Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Elizabeth II, along with Gillian Anderson who plays Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The two appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, to talk about what it was like to meet the real Royals. “I was very nervous. But it wasn’t the Queen that I met — I met Princess Anne,” Olivia revealed.

“It was hilarious because it turns out that everything we’ve done on The Crown was toned down, compared to how it is in the atual palace” she described, referring to the gorgeous palace sets they’ve created.

“There were endless people with gold frills on their shoulders, and all sorts of different outfits and different uniforms,” Colman describes, adding that the staff were all so lovely and sweet towards her, telling her not to be nervous and offering her cups of tea.

She went on to describe it as an “extraordinary experience and one I will never forget”.

Meanwhile, Gillian has actually met the Queen a couple of times, and lovingly remembers her ‘Queen Whisperer’ — the man who stands beside Her Royal Highness, and whispers in her ear who it is she’s about to meet and what they do.

“And you’re not meant to speak before you’re spoken to, so it can get a little bit awkward.

 She may ask you questions about yourself, or how you’re enjoying the thing which she’s just been told that you do,” Anderson recalls, laughing.

The fourth season of The Crown is due to land on Netflix on November 15.