What are some funny things to put in a Father’s Day card?


Greetings card company Boomf pride themselves on their vast array of greeting cards for every mood and occasion, and today we’re focusing on funny Father’s Day cards. While some families aim to have the recipient in tears, others compete to see how much they can make them laugh. When the goal is to have your dad roaring with laughter, Boomf’s range of funny Father’s Day cards is here to help.

With Boomf making it so easy to find the perfect funny Father’s Day card, the real challenge is working out what to write inside. Thankfully, we have some suggestions that are so hilarious that they may be even more side-splitting than the funny Father’s Day card itself! So, whether you want to get a light chuckle or a full-on belly laugh, we’ve got you covered with our ideas below.

Short Father’s Day Messages

Witty one-liners can be a good choice for a funny Father’s Day card. They also mean you don’t have to write much else – which, if you’re stuck for words or just not particularly verbose, is a win-win situation! Some of our favourites to write in your funny Father’s Day card include:

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You’ve always been like a father to me.
  2. I was going to get you the most fantastic present ever… Then I remembered you had me!
  3. You’re the greatest thing since sliced bread – and just as old, too!
  4. Well done, Dad – I turned out great!
  5. Dad, someday, I hope to be as funny as you think you are.

Best Puns for Father’s Day

There is nothing dads love more than puns, so they can be the perfect thing to include in your funny Father’s Day card. Bonus points if you use one related to something he likes! Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Dad, you’re a fungi! (this works even better if you include a drawing of a mushroom)
  2. I’m not trying to be cheesy, but you are nacho ordinary dad.
  3. Happy Farter’s Day!

Cherry on Top

When writing a hilarious message in your funny Father’s Day card, you don’t have to stop at the main message. You can use a comical signature to add even more humour to your already funny Father’s Day card. We love these witty signatures:

  1. Love from, Your Favourite Child
  2. Love from, Your Favourite Financial Burden
  3. Yours sincerely, the fruit of your loins

Finding the perfect funny Father’s Day card

So we’ve talked about what to write inside your funny Father’s Day card to make it even more hilarious. But how do you find the perfect funny Father’s Day card in the first place? Thankfully, Boomf’s extensive collection makes it easy to find the perfect funny Father’s Day card. Here are some things to think about when browsing:

  1. What does he like? Think about TV shows, films, and hobbies and use these ideas to narrow down the selection.
  2. What do you want to say? A card can be a great way to say something which you may find hard to phrase yourself.
  3. How cheeky do you want to be? Some cards will have innocent puns, while others may be a bit more tongue-in-cheek. Think about your relationship with your dad and what he would like best.

If you want to make your dad laugh this Father’s Day, funny cards can be a great help, but it’s important not to forget the message inside. Whether you go for puns, one-liners, cheeky signatures or all three, what you write can take your funny Father’s Day card from Boomf from amusing to absolutely hilarious.