What are Beyoncé and Jay-Z keeping from us now?


It's been revealed that Jay-Z and Queen Bey are set to record a top secret album together, due for release later this year.

The pair's first collaboration, Crazy in Love back in 2003 (how old does that makes us feel?!), started the ball rolling and every duo effort since then has fans begging for more.

Working together during the On the Run tour may have inspired the pair to head straight to the recording studio and capitalise on both the success of the tour and latest album, or is the decision yet another attempt to quash the rumours that all is not well in the Carter household?

What do you think? Is it for the love of the music or are Jay Z and Beyonce hoping that the more they work and produce together, the less likely we are to wonder exactly what went on in that elevator? 

We're not sure, but if they keep churning out belters like Drunk in Love, we won't be complaining.