Wedding gifting 101: What to give and when to give it


Weddings are great – you get to get all dressed up and celebrate your loved one officially tying the knot with their significant other.

However, nothing is perfect, and if there’s one thing that can cause confusion and concern during the lead up to the big event, it’s deciding on a present for the happy couple.

Well, we’ve tried to clear up at least some of the confusion with our guide on wedding gifting – enjoy!

How much money should I give?
This depends on your relationship to the couple and can range from €50 – €150 plus. It also depends if you’ve brought a guest, as then the wedding couple will be hosting for two people rather than one. The general rule of thumb is about €100 for a relative or friend and maybe should increase to €150,  if you’re really close to the couple.

Can I give a gift instead of money and if so, should I stick to the registry?
Giving a gift instead of cold, hard cash can sometimes seem like a better idea, as you may get lucky and find something that looks really expensive but actually isn’t (win!). But if the couple have a registry then it’s best to stick to it. It’s there for a reason after all!

Do I bring the gift to the wedding or can I send it after?
If you decided to buy the couple something rather than give them money, it can sometimes be awkward to bring it to the wedding as it might be big and awkward. It’s perfectly acceptable to give them their gift after the wedding too, so don’t worry about it.