We love Tom Felton even more after this Instagram post


As if Tom Felton wasn't loveable enough already (maybe not as Draco Malfoy though), he has taken to Instagram with a hilarious picture for his fans.

Tom posted a picture of a younger Draco Malfoy beside a picture of Kim Kardashian when she was blonde (remember, that like, one day?) along with the caption: "Relax citizens. Passport found!!!! Kim K had it."


Relax citizens. Passport found!!!! Kim K had it.

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People had previously joked that Kim resembled Draco Malfoy when she opted for the dramatic hair change. 

Tom had been speaking on Twitter about being stuck in New York after losing his passport and his phone. 

Kim K wasn't the only celeb brought into the equation though, as James Corden joked that he had found the passport in the airport and was willing to sell it to a fan for £50. Tom then offered £51 and a McDonald's kid's meal in return for its safe arrival.

Oh, we love those two.